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Sneakers and skateboard shoes bearing the name of Vans Shoes are footwear commonly associated with skate parks, skateboarding and the competitors and followers of this exciting sport. However, that doesn't mean these excellent quality sneakers and skateboard shoes should only be worn by a certain group of people. The many women's and men's Vans Shoes slip easily past that boundary and are equally as welcome on the feet of anyone who chooses to wear them! This blog encompasses the good feeling that wearing these great, stylish sneakers brings to people, so if you can handle the author's quirky writing style, off the wall quips and odd turns of phrase, then it will certainly entertain you too!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vans Skate Shoes and Sports

Well hi there peeps! It ain't been too long since my last post here where I looked at Sneakers By Any Other Name Like Vans Shoes. This ol' cheeky sneaker seeker is back at the keypad typin' his favorite little ol' blog about the coolest of the cool Vans shoes once more! Hehe, I'm gettin' good at the clever word play just lately as you might have gathered there!

So what's this old coot got to write about this time in his uber cool blog this time? Well, I just noticed that the holidays are slippin' past real fast an' I missed my chance to write a seasonal greeting to one and all, so this have to be a belated one as my own haphazard schedule don't mean nothin' to no one just lately! So happy days, dudes and dudesses!

Now that's done, what be a special style of the essential cool shoes that I can go and focus my beady little ol' eye on at this present moment in time I ask?

Well, in answer to that (ow' voices in my head? Cooool!) hows about I talk some of what's new in the land of skate shoes and skate peeps.

I just heard that Andreas Wiig, the Vans Snow Team rider placed 4th in the Winter Dew Tour slopestyle. So there's a added slice of sports info for bringing some variety to this little ol' blog about the seriously cool Vans skateboard shoes and all whom wear them!

Other than that, this old blogger is still wearin' his nice comfy Vans Slip ons on his tired old feet while he sits at this old computer typing this stuff up! Oh yes indeedee! In fact, something funny just happened and I wonder what goin' down with this little old blog. Seems I just went and disappeared from that Google index again, cause all of a sudden, no one is find me again. Guess someone might be doing somethin' not very nice to this little old blogger like last time. Hell, if it ain't hard enough just keepin my little old self to my little old self with my coolest of the cool Vans shoes on my feet, know what I mean.

So now you can't go sayin' I ain't never bringin' you nothin' new to this little space in the blogin'sphere... hehe, I sure like to keep it interestin' that fo sure!

So see you peeps in the next year and may 2009 be as happy and prosperous to me... oh yeah and you guys too!

Van Shoes

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sneakers By Any Other Name Like Vans Shoes

Hey peeps, the old sneaker wearin' blogger is back with some more mischief and mayhem! My last post How to Tell if Your Vans Shoes Are Fake, was on the straight n serious path of figuring if your essential classic Vans shoes are fake or if theys the real deal.

Well, now I gonna have to start lookin' into the possibilities with what I want to see happenin' with this little old blog. Don't worry your sweet little self's that I might be changin' sides here - no way man! The title of this post "Sneakers By Any Other Name Like Vans Shoes" is a little experiment as is some minor heading layout changes I'm makin' here.

Y'see its all very fine to be writing stuff about the coolest shoes on the planet for all the skateboard totin' crew and thems that just like to have the feeling of them truly comfortable sneakers on their feet. And you see I put up a couple ads to see if I can attract a little revenue into my mostly empty pockets. But they ain't cuttin' the mustard right now and I have to start thinkin' why that should be.

Skateboard Shoes

Plenty peeps is finding this little old blog now that I see it appearing in the Google pages here and there for some nice things like classic Vans shoes, skateboard shoes, or Rise Against Vans shoes and all the other footwear variations of this exciting brand that peeps are lookin' for. Problem is that the clever program that figures the display of ads is seein' the word Vans next to Shoes and thinking I'm talking about the paneled vehicular types of them and not so the footwear ones that goes on your feet! So when folks stop by and see the ads, they ain't interested in driving nothin' 'cept their skateboards and wearing cool sneakers!

So I got to be puttin' my dusty old thinkin' cap on here and figurin' a few things out.

So don't worry that my titles are changin' and stuff cause I'm tryin' to figure how to get the right ads to trigger then I can be doin' what I like to do once again and that's write about the essentially coolest of the cool Vans shoes! You know how much I truly adore my own comfortable pair of the classic Vans slip ons which I wear to keep my tootsies warm while I write this little old blog! Ha!

Man, that ain't too much of a interestin' read for you folks this time around, so I'll do my best to make it up for next time. Keep wearin' the essential footwear peeps and I'll see ya soon!

Van Shoes

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to Tell if Your Vans Shoes Are Fake

I get asked by peeps every now and then how to tell if your vans shoes are fake. Well now, after my last post where I talk the talk about them Vans Slip On Shoes, I gonna let you into the secret of what some of them telltale signs you can watch out for. Then you can see if them Vans Shoes you got are fake or the real deal, know what I'm sayin' here.

Well for starters, the peeps in the know say that the genuine Vans Shoes will bend at the toe, whereas them nasty cheap replica Vans knock offs are stiff and unbending shoes, on account of them using the cheapest of the cheap materials in the making and manufacturing of them.

Check the essential cool shoes you gonna buy have the Vans Shoes symbol on the back of the shoe, cause a lot of the time those cheap fake Vans shoes miss them off. Yeah, it sometimes be the most obvious that be missed by the most!

You know yourself how much you pay for your nice shoes and them classic Vans shoes cost around $40 a pair or thereabouts, so if you get them and they only cost you half that or less, you can probably say you been fitted up with some fake sneakers. Or the other alternative excuse here is they the real deal but been stolen and they is hot, hot sneakers, man!

Lot of peeps say it depend where you buy them. If you get them at the Vans store, hell they gonna be the real deal my friend ain't no doubt about that! Also you get them at Hot Topic they be real. Other stores, if they is expensive, they is probably real, but if they is cheap, they is probably fake.

Also if you buy them on a street market or flea market or out of some dude's trunk of his car for a cheap few dollars an' you even have to ask the question are these Vans shoes fake? Then you probably too dumb to know the difference anyways! Hehe, my little joke there...

Other things you can check out is the quality of the finished item. Look at any stitching and see if its good cause if stitch lines are not straight or go all over the place, they been done by some sweat shop in China or someplace. Likewise look at how the shoe is put together, cause real Vans shoes are made well, but them fake shoes is lookin' cheap and you can usually spot that just by looking at them.

Most of all when you shoppin' for the essential classic Vans shoes and you want the real deal and not some bad nasty fake things then you mostly need to employ the services of you own common sense, know what I mean, cause you usually can spot the obvious from the truth if you put you brains to work ever now an again, man!

Hey, now was that not one of my most worthwhile posts in this little old blog here or what? Hell, I usually write so much waffle you probably think this old feller is on he way to the old crazy farm or somethin' but I tell you, there is plenty of mileage in this old feller yet, I'm tellin' ya!

Now that's all for this post, so I'll be seein' yo again real soon peeps, take care now!

Van Shoes

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vans Slip On Shoes

Vans Slip On shoes are incredibly popular with just about everybody these days, so with Vans slip ons very much in mind, I'm gonna follow my previous little old blog entry that was all about them Vans Band Shoes, with somethin' nice and well, slip on shoes Vans style!

You see to my way of thinkin' and let's not get too wrapped up in that cool concept for too long here, you know what I'm sayin', is that when you want to go for some cool comfort on your feet, it makes sense to get some vans slip on shoes and reward yourself. I'm chillin' and my way of thinkin' is pretty even in the temperament department right now, so why not have some real comfortable Vans slip ons comforting my feet right now is what I'm sayin' to you.

These cool shoes come in plenty of stylish designs for your feet so you never gonna get tired of them classic Vans slip on shoes no matter what else happens! There is even some of them favorite band Van slip-ons styles around now you know for all you music lovers who are into bands on your shoes! We all know how important to have the essential coolest of the cool footwear on our feet. Man, they don't come no more essentially cool than the coolest Vans slip on shoes that are right where they're at man! Now that's a pretty nice statement comin' from this little old bloggin' feller. He likes them Vans shoes slip ons a lot and I do mean a lot, oh yessir!

Now where we be at right now is anybody's guess cause I keep losing track of where I'm at so how the hell can anyone follow my warped train of thought is what I'm thinking right now with my cooler than cool Vans slip on shoes keeping my feet comfy and warm. Yup, you got that right if you figure the man here is still not one hundred percent in the here and now on account of a little overindulgence in some of that nice bourbon I have stashed away for them certain evenings of there and then! Well, ok I give up and hold my hands up, metaforically speakin' o' course as they're really on the keypad of this computer thing writing these jumbled words right here and right now. Hehe, who said life had to be serious?

I'm just writing some stuff about how nice I like these uber cool classic Vans slip on shoes on my feet keeping my tootsies warm and comfortable is what I'm doing. Hey dudes, if you still reading all this stuff I'm regurgitatin' , man you must be as hungover as I am!

Hell, here's another thought you might be thinkin': Where'd the nice pictures go, you know these great images that I started puttin' up in here last time I posted?

Ok, that just way too much complications for my poor head to get itself round right now as I think about my slip on shoes Vans. So its just these carefully crafted words that I gift you you even if you ain't got down to reading' this far. Cause when I read this back to myself, I'm probably gonna think some other lunatic wrote it. And he probably ain't wearing none of them essential cool uber cool classic Vans Slip On shoes on his damn feet is what I'm tryin' to say here! Hell, time to sign off and get me some strong coffee...

Until next time, when I'll be some more in the here and now with my brains sometime less frazzled than they is right now on account of that dam burbon and not nothin' else I may hasten to add by the way. And I won't let the Vans shoes slip my mind,even if it might slip yours!

Catch you all later my friends!

Van Shoes

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vans Band Shoes

Vans Band Shoes is where I'm at once again! Back in my last entry Rise Against Vans Shoes, I got those cool Rise Against Shoes well and truly discussed with lust! Well, now it time to revisit thems essential band shoes with some updates on what's new and cool.

This little old blog keeps a rollin' on a river just like Tina once sang, 'cept she was playing so cool where these new Vans band shoes are playin' real heavy! I'm gonna sneak some cool snaps that I uh, borrowed and re-hashed some to emphasize the essential Vans Band shoes that are right here right now folks! I hope the main Mans at the Vans don't mind cause it all extra distribution of the visual promotion of these great footwears...

One thing I got asked the other day was how much time does it take to make a Van's Shoe? Well, man that depends on the factory person that sits there doing the makin' I guess, but you can bet you ass it is pretty dam fast, cause time is money to them folks you know!

Any hows, I was talkin' bout the essential Vans Band shoes and all the devilishly cool shoes styles and band designs there in the range of them all. You know, I got to thinkin' hey, would it be great to have some nice pictures of the promo for the droolingly cool Vans Shoes! So I went and found some nice ones for you there below! I reckon if you love the coolness then you'll love the footwear, oh yeah!

Well, exciting stuff is comin' in the form of The Germs Classic Slip-On and The Germs band shoe and here is a small promo snap to go with it! Oh yeah, these are some very cool Vans Germs shoes to impress your friends in the park with. Now how cool will you look as your friends all want a pair of these gorgeous shoes on their feet as well? I can tell you... very cool indeed!

Next up some of my favorite artwork goes into these classic Vans Iron Maiden shoes displaying the Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Vans shoes artwork and they are more cool than cool, they are supercool my friends! There is the Vans Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Classic Slip-On shoe and the mega popular Vans Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Classic Sk8-Hi shoe for all you skateboard enthusiastic peeps.

Now there are other styles in the Iron Maiden shoe range, like the Vans Iron Maiden Killers Classic Slip-On shoe and the Vans Iron Maiden Killers Classic Sk8-Hi shoe again for the skate debate, mate! But I have this cool pic for promoting the Vans Iron Maiden Trooper Classic Slip-On shoe and the Vans Iron Maiden Trooper Classic Sk8-Hi shoe to tempt your feet into askin' your brain to desire them badly, know what I mean, hehe!

But the collection of these essential Vans Band shoes does not end here, oh no not at all. There is more for your eyes to tempt your feet with in the many styles of these highly desirable items of footwear indeed.

Now what about that Vans Johnny Ramone Classic Slip-On shoe that is very now and very wantable? Well, there is here a nice visual space on this page just for that very wearable pair of who's shoes they belong to man. Lastly in the Vans Band shoes range that I want to include right here is the heaviest of them all, the Vans Geoff Rowley Motorhead Edition Vegan shoe. There ain't no picture for this one, so you gonna have to take my word for it they is a cooool pair of shoes for your cool feet!

In all that's where I gotta stop now or I'll be writing too much in one go and you'll be getting bored with my old ramblin' style and want to go someplace else.

Well, you can do that o' course but before you go, check out the eBay displays just in case you might see something that you really want and it sitting there for a stupid low price that you might not see again. Grab it man while you can cause there's some neat bargains I see croppin' up in there all the time.

See you peeps all soon ok!

Vans Shoes

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rise Against Vans Shoes!

Rise against Vans Shoes is the topic of this post. So you want to know about the rise against shoes here it is. In the post before this one where I was talkin' about the Vans Classic Shoes, I got this impression in my head you know that there be plenty of folks that like to read the simple things about the classic Vans Shoes. And some of these folks really likes the band vans shoes collections cause they're made with some real snazzy designs and real popular. But then I hear some are finding this little old tough shoe Vans Shoes blog wantin' to know some more about the Rise Against Van shoes, so I'm thinkin' hey, lets do some rise against shoes thing on that.

Some peeps might be lookin' at the Rise Against Vans title of this little old post and wonderin' if I'm goin' against the truly cool Vans Shoes. Hehe, now it looks certain almost like the vans shoe band revolution is a comin'! But that ain't about what this post is right here in this little old Vans Shoe blog, no sir!

If you knows your old school vegan Van Shoes, then course you know about the certain styles that abound in all the right places and spaces like classic Vans Shoes, Band Vans Shoes and Limited Edition Van Shoes and all. Well there's also the Rise Against Vans Shoes collections as well in there of course which naturally includes some nice vegan Vans Shoes in the big hip and ever so cool range with every possible Vans Rise Against vegan shoe that you can ever want for you special feet and that's the truth!

Vans Rise Against Old Skool Vegan Friendly Skate Shoes

Rise Against Vans Shoes Old Skool Vegan Friendly Skate ShoesNow who said something about thems exclusively special and crucially desorable rise against vegan shoes? Well I got to thinkin' you might want to see what these nice vegan friendly skate shoes in the Rise Against Vans shoes range are lookin' like, so here is a temptingly cool picture of them rise against shoes so you can see for yourself!

Nice, don't you think?

You know, just because plenty of peeps carries their long-boards all over the place with them and wears their hair long and wild it don't mean they don't care about the trees and animals and environmental stuff, oh no! These classic Rise Against Vans velcro skate shoes are vegan and proud of it. Vans Old Skool Vegan skate shoes are the ones to be seen with on your feet when you skatin' and havin' a real good time with your conscience in the good place. Now ain't that the best?

Well, there is plenty of this kind of very cool looking rise against vegan vans limited edition vans shoes models for you feet that you can get your hands on from lots of the different places both in the real stores in the street or online if you know where to look. And that's where this rise against van shoe comes in a little bit handy for you reading this little old blog and wantin' to know about the essential different types of these exclusive and elusive but unobtrusive shoes.

Yes, here just for all those Vans Classic shoes for cheap and well discounted prices is the big eBay online live window into the vans outlined shoes of all kinds. You can see plenty what you want here without goin' anyplace else for your coolest classic vans shoes or limited edition vans shoes or even thems nice limited edition vans slip on shoes. You can see some extremely cool and I do mean cool Shearling LX classic slip-on, or some of them Vans Geoff Rowleys classics. Or how about those great Vans Shoe band collections, Vans Old Skool Vegan collection, all the many band vans shoes like the heavy Motorhead Van Shoes and especially the wicked Geoff Rowley Motorhead edition vegan shoes, man oh hey I already said about the Vans Band Shoes!

It just pleases me to the end that there is so many great and I do mean great variations and styles in all them ranges that these great footwear style-arama crucialities present to an adoring base of them fans, you know. Hey, this is the finest blog for them classic vegan shoes you gonna find anywhere and I mean that most sincerely folks! So with all this hype and pluggin' I'm wondering if the important peeps at the company are gonna get me some cool Vans Shoe sponsorship? Ha! that would be a real cool thing to happen! Then I could promote the essential footwear on this little old blog with some nice full colour snaps of the items right there on my own feet!

Anyhow, and of course the all important and what this little old post is all about in many way or so the Rise Against Vans Shoes those well cool Vans vegan old skool. Yep, man you can find more of the coolest meanest, sportingest, skate shoes-est right here then anywhere on the net! Ok, maybe that a slight exaggeration on my part, but hey... I'm an exaggerated person so I am!

Hey, for those who know how wear vans, that's my say for today for sure!


Van Shoes

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Classic Vans Shoes

Classic Vans Shoes is the topic of this Vans Shoes post right here where I'm focusing on the classic vans shoes as well as vans classic slip on shoes. Following my last post Vans Shoes on eBay, where I went and got the eBay side of things rockin' and rollin' on this little old Vans Shoes blog of mine here, well its now the time to move a little in the direction of those Classic Vans shoes and speak about some of the walkin' and talkin' essential footwear.

No someone went and ask me the other day "are vans classic good shoes?" Well course they are good shoes my man! In fact speaking from personal experience here, I can say without no doubt they are damn good shoes yes they are!

So I see you're cautiously peekin' at that enticing old eBay store down there to your right to see if these might just be some nice vans classic slip on shoes or so hoverin' in there. Even while you're trying to concentrate on these ramblings right here. And I know how absorbing a little box like that can be when you might spot some cool classic vans skate shoes that might be there as what ebay's sellin'. Especially if you been in the designer desert and you is looking for an oasis in the form of some stylishly cool shoes. Well then maybe you be hankering for a pair of the classic Vans Shoes and you can see the kind of designs that is available in such great choices on there... is that too good to be true? Or just too good to be passin' up?

Well I can see for meself that there are so many different classic Vans shoes what are in the stores both online and off. This is some essential information on how to wear the vans slip on classic shoes man! That one what keeps changing like vans classic slip on dropkick, Geoff Rowley Xl3 vegan shoes, or Vans shoe limited edition just to give you a taster of what is and what is not. Don't forget the Vans No Skool 2 Punk Plaid, or Vans Classic Slip On Straight Edge Skulls, Vans SK8-HI EMB or the real groovy Vans Classic Slip-ons Siviglia Delave 17 Gargoyle Skate Shoes to really pamper your little old feet right there, know what I mean!

I gotta say that I took off the big long list that was taking up all my space here and replaced it with them little eBay boxes for the main stores. Thats on account of I want this little old blog to be less clutter and more chatter, know what I mean! But don't despair peeps, I still got a good list of the essential footwear on my other website if you want to follow this link to see for yourself.

Now, if you go down to that site and look down that list then you'll probably come across some of the really popular Vans band shoes. Like Van Shoes Motorhead, or Vans Iron Maiden, Vans Shoes Dropkick Murphys and the like. There really is some such incredible choices to have to make in your poor old head must be spinnin'!!

New edition Van shoes creep in there too as well as some nice examples from the vans classic shoe range you know. Be nice if I could get me some of that vans shoe sponsorship for me feet, know what! Hey, vans shoe sponsorship would just be the icing on the cake! Now that would be so cool, oh yeah! It is that tough to bring it all down to the walkin' talking choice you have to make what you want.

Someone a while ago ask me: "can vegans wear vans shoes?" well o' course vegans can wear vans classic shoes! Hell, there is actually a whole very cool range just dedicated to vegans, and even heavy metal lovers inn the forms of like Geoff Rowley Motorhead Edition Vegan shoes if heavy metal is your mean thing, as these guys are environmentally conscious too!

And what you want is what you get, right?

Life is way too short to go without the things you want. Or before you know it you got old and hip no more, right?

You want to wear the great Van Doren label on you feet now or when you drawing ya pension? Then again, I probably still be wearin' the essential Vans classic shoes when I'm shuffling with me walking stick down to the park to feed the ducks hahahaha!

Catch you all later my friends!

Van Shoes

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vans Shoes on eBay

Following that last busy post right here all about Vans Shoes Talk the Talk, what is all about me just talking about them Van shoes and stuff, I wanna move this whole little Van Shoes blog here right around and change it beyond all recognition.

Now why'd I wanna go and do something like that?

Well heres the reason, if a reason is what your needing. The old look for this Van Shoes place was a bit spartan and bare, know what I mean. So with all the pretty themes that this Blogger place has sitting in there, well it seem a shame to just pass them all by for the favour of a boring white screen with some text and a few crap ads. Know what I'm saying, ha! Yes indeed

Time for this old limited edition Van Shoes blog to have a face lift. And here it is for all to see and enjoy right here right now, bless you all!

You know what else I figure out in my time between posting in this little old blog and now? People is looking for the crucial Vans Shoe for sale blogspot place and here it where it is! That's you can put real live stuff that for sale right now on eBay right here in this old Van Shoes blog. So when you land here on this page and read my rambling and stuff, man and do I ramble on times... hey, hey, yes indeed well here you can see also that I have placed in a very prominent place the essential eBay window into the Vans Shoes category.

Well, here and now you can see for your self what is happening over at the eBay place right here without even going there! Its all in real time and it updates when you refresh this little old page. try it if you don't believe me! Refresh the page a few times and you see the times in the end column changes! Yep, its real and you can even watch an auction count down to zero. Except if you do that it mean you just missed out on a great pair of the essential classic limited edition vans shoes or maybe a pair of those really great Geoff Rowley classic vegan vans shoes if you have issues with animal products. I can say whatever your choice of the essential vans classic shoes, you're gonna find them right there in that eBay store and it saves you searching through all their huge website to find what you seein' right here baby!

Now that what I call convenience!

Check it out!

Van Shoes

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vans Shoes Talk the Talk

Now when you be talking the talk about things like Vans Shoes sponsorship and important stuff like that, well here is where the Vans Shoes talk is talkin'! Say, a month went past and I did post anything in here since Where'd My Van Shoes Be?, cause its sort of disheartening when you put some effort into a blog to make it nice and reader-friendly and then someone who think they know better go and take this ole' Van Shoe blog off the listing in that certain search engine!

Maybe they think this some spam Vans Shoes site?

Oh yeah? Who am I spammin? I don't see any emails going from this place to anyone in-box, so that ain't it. I don't see a page full of ads and no writing about the essential classic Van Shoes that this little old blog is all about - or maybe someone just a little impatient and think we all write at the same speed as everyone else?

Ha! Van Shoes built for runnin', sure but this old writer built for comfort hahahah!

So if anyone there from the powers that be want to take another look at this old Van Shoes blog and see it ain't no badass spammin site, cause there's a real person writing this stuff and real people that were reading it before it got took away from their eyes!

How much more evidence d'ya need to tell the difference, like there is between vans and plimsolls or something, from some badass spammin crap site that don't write nothin' for anyone to read and a good fun read about the Man with the Vans shoes on his feet and the keyboard as his voice?

Man, enough of all that crap, let's just get on an' write my stuff and maybe some people will still find me to read what I like to ramble 'bout in here. I like it better when Bob Marley music is playin' on the radio cause man, he could really sing that old reggae music and rock the socks off a this new stuff that around and no one really likes! I bet he woulda wear Vans Shoes when the cameras not on him and followin' him around. Ha! I bet lots of famous people wear Van Shoes too, but maybe they keep that to themselves or wait until they get some Vans Shoes sponsorship like all them very rich sports people. Now there's a soothin' thought. Vans Shoe sponsorship... Like them rich guys need the free Vans Shoes... Man, they should sponsor me for writing about the classic Vans Shoes in this little old blog!

Be nice with some complimentary Vans Shoes on my feet, like some new Van Shoe classics or even some of them really cool Vans Rowley Motörhead Limited Edition while I write about this stuff make me feel the whole thing worthwhile. That cause I don't make much from those little ads there on the side. Maybe if more people come and read my little Van Shoes blog then more of them like to see what those little boxes are really advertising!

Ok, time to sign off now. Maybe by next time I write in here, the Google machine put me back in their list for Vans Shoes for this real site, cause when I look at the search stuff, its full of crap sites that don' tell you nothin' bout Vans Shoes - how come they still in there?

Man, if life was fair, we'd all be happy. See ya!

Van Shoes

Monday, February 25, 2008

Where'd My Van Shoes Be?

Well now what's been happenin' in the world out there since I last posted all about Van Shoes, Vain Man!, the story to get your van shoes out there on the street!

Strange things are a happenin' with this little ole site here. I go searching for her on the big G and she's nowhere to be seen! What's that all about?

Where's ole Van Shoes gone do you wonder?

She's either been taken off the index because someone gone and tell nasty tales about her or someone else don't like any competition so she gets on the receiving end of some Van Shoes bad mouthing from some upstart!

I wouldn't mind, you know if I was deliberately making a bad site then she would get what she deserves, but li'l ole site ain't bad! She don't have none of that swearing language I see all over Google's index tellin' folks to f*** van shoes - how come all those bad language sites are still in the index and this sweet li'l honey who does no harm except write some inane literature about Van Shoes?

I don't get it!

So maybe I just keep posting my ramblins about van shoes and nothin' much else just like always and maybe whoever take me off can put me back again, cause there ain't nothin' bad about this place people!

Jus' me an' my Van Shoes talkin' is all!

Van Shoes

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Van Shoes, Vain Man!

Following closely on the heels of Why Wear Van Shoes, here is another of those posts that is designed to get you into your Van Shoes and out onto the streets to show them off! Van shoes, vain man is the title that will inspire you to greater heights.

Van shoes are exactly what the vain man needs to be wearing on his feet and also the vain woman who also likes to see some trendy Van Shoes dangling off the end of her beautiful long legs there!

Oh yeah!

Don't it just wanna make you throw yourself around the house and find where you last stashed your favourite Van Shoes and put them on, man! Put on those Van Shoes and cover your feet in something very, very cool and then go out into the street and show them Van Shoes off to all your friends!

Yep, you'll raise some very interested eyebrows at what you got on your feet and if they're the latest Van Shoes fashion statement then you are gonna been seen to be very, very cool.

The Van Shoes, vain man look is the look of the here and now and the classy fashion statement you can make when you are in the streets and you are wearing your best Van Shoes and looking good in them.

So don't be shy, be vain, man! Wear your Van Shoes with pride and show them off cause when you got it, you definitely must flaunt it!

Van Shoes

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why Wear Van Shoes

Why wear Vans shoes? Well now the reason why should have vans shoes is one thing, but as wearing Vans shoes is the theme of this little old posts right here! Last time on this Van Shoes blog I posted a great article entitled Why Choose Van Shoes?, which really went into why you would choose Van Shoes to wear whenever you go out and be seen. So let's follow that on with more really good reasons to be wearing Van Shoes while you are out and about.

Well the first and foremost reason you must be wearing Van Shoes when you go out into the street is to be seen in them. Of course, your friends will be wearing Vans Shoes too, so you don't want to be left out of the crowd by having some boring shoes on your feet that have no name or no brand and that's because they are nobody's shoes.

When you wear nobody's shoes, you are nobody! Period.

So be somebody and wear some real good looking Van Shoes today, tomorrow and all of your tomorrows so that your friends know you are a somebody and not a nobody. That's real crucially important, don't you think?

Second reason to be wearing Van Shoes is what they are very well made shoes and thems are nice and comfortable on your feet. What better reason, except for the first one I just said, can you think of to be wearing anybody's shoes? Especially when they're somebody's shoes like the classic Van Shoes. "Comfort" and "well made" is two little things what go together hand in hand in Van Shoes. Man, on a practical level this is a truy good reason to be having the classic Van Shoes on your feet. In fact, hey let's make that more than just one very crucial reason, because its a damn important reason if I ever heard a one to be wearing Vans shoes!

Third reason. What in the hell do you need a third reason to be wearing Van Shoes when I already give you two of the best reasons and there can be no other? Oh, man!

What, you think maybe I know of some really cool third reason why wear Van Shoes and I'm not telling? What you think maybe Vans shoes smell or something? You think I'm holding back on you for reasons that are known only to meself and my little old dog who just happen to be sitting right here on my lap watching me type this out?

Nah. There are only them two crucial reasons why wear Van Shoes... Anything else is plain gravy!

Van Shoes
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