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Sneakers and skateboard shoes bearing the name of Vans Shoes are footwear commonly associated with skate parks, skateboarding and the competitors and followers of this exciting sport. However, that doesn't mean these excellent quality sneakers and skateboard shoes should only be worn by a certain group of people. The many women's and men's Vans Shoes slip easily past that boundary and are equally as welcome on the feet of anyone who chooses to wear them! This blog encompasses the good feeling that wearing these great, stylish sneakers brings to people, so if you can handle the author's quirky writing style, off the wall quips and odd turns of phrase, then it will certainly entertain you too!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Real Vans Shoes

Hey peeps, the shrewd dude with the cool sneakers is back from his long absence from writing stuff in this coolest of the cool blogs here. While I was away plenty of peeps were asking me about what is real and what is fakes in the essential skate shoes and how can you tell the difference in real and fake Vans shoes. Well, I believe I already wrote a post all about that exact subject back here: Are Your Vans Shoes Fake. So if you want all the detailed explanations then that's the post to go read for all that stuff you need if you want to know what is and what is not!

So that sort of leaves this old dude with a hole where some interesting reading could been written. But there ain't nothing worse then duplicating all the stuff all over again, so I'll take something like the overview of the situation. Just so as you know something that probably other folks might not know about the real or the fake merchandise.

Now, the number one thing that is so obvious it truly has to be a no brainer when you really set your old brain to work is the price you gonna pay for your essential footwear in the cool sneakers department. The real deal is the ones that gonna cost you what the retail price says they cost. Well, at least in the cases where you gonna buy your cool shoes from a correct store that sells them. If you getting them someplace else, then man you taking a chance and that's all there is to it.

Sure, you maybe have some buddy who says "Hey man, I got a pair of these cool skate shoes just for you and they half the price what they is in the stores" then you either got knock offs or they're hot merchandise. Its up to you what you do. If you want to take the chance they fake or hot and pay the man the money, either way they ain't legal. Not only that, you gotta live with walking on the street with those sneakers on your feet and every time you see a cop you gonna feel guilty and the cop is gonna look at your face and he's gonna wanna know why you looking guilty! Try explaining that!

Or maybe you gone to the street market and one of the market guys is selling these skate shoes and cheap cheap prices man, they're knock offs ain't no way they anything else or the price would be higher unless they hot too.

So in these situations, why you wanna know how to check for real or fake merchandise when common sense is already telling you what you wanna know but maybe not what you wanna hear. Ain't that the truth!

Man, its your decision. Take them or leave them but if you take them, don't go feeling guilty or stuff in case some cop hauls you ass downtown cause maybe he thinks he reads on your face you dealing when really you just got a pair of hot sneakers on your feet!

Glad to be of assistance peeps. See you again next time!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wear Vans Shoes

Howdy peeps, its cool to be back here writing this here little old Vans Shoes blog of mine yet again. I guess the once monthly thing is where its gonna be at these days what with havin' so much on the go these days. But what can yo do dudes and dudesses? Anyhow, here is my post for the month of flamin' June where I get to tell you what you already know is the coolest thing to do in this month and that be to wear Vanes shoes everywhere you go!

Hey hey, I'm always interested to be in the know about what goes on in the world of footwear and of course the essential shoes in the news! The skate shoes revolution is still with us baby and it ain't slowin' down for no one! More and more peeps is wearing the essentially cool vans shoes to all kind of places and not just the skateboard parks where the faithful congregates to show off their skills with thrills and spills!

So you probably sitting there reading all this verbal mumbo jumbo that I's spouting out from my well worn keyboard and wonderin' if the old dude is sitting there in his best finery and a cool pair of Vans slip ons keepin his feet in the lap of luxury, of is he sitting there in his jogging pants and bare feet!

Ha, I can tell you to rest assured peeps that this old dude likes to wear his Vans slip on shoes when he's typin the golden words onto his laptop whatever the time of day or night and that's the truth! Its the essence of this important post I'm writing all about the wearing of the cool footwear itself so of course I should be wearing on my feet what I'm typing about on my keypad!

Plus as you probably already guessed, I don't have any really useful other news to tell you right now that hasn't already been said on the official Vans Shoes website blog. And if I duplicate it here they get pissed and do sneaky cowardly stuff like reporting the site for somesuch nonsense that ain't true. And then you gotta wait ages for the peeps in power to realize this here is one harmless dude of a blog and then it gets let outta its cage again. What a game is all of this stuff man!

Any hows peeps, when the dude hisself don't have squat worth writing about, then I guess its not fair to keep you from doin' your work or whatever you stopped doin' to read this little old blog and the nonsense its old dude of a writer is goin' on about. So for now until the next time I find nothing to write about of much in here, I'll say ciao for now baby and keep on rememberin' to wear Vans shoes on your feet cause they're cool as cool can be!

See you all next time peeps!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vans Old Skool Shoes

Hey there peeps, good to be back in the writing seat for another post here in this little old Vans Shoes blog of mine. I'm pretty busy these days what with summer a comin' and such. So with the advent of that mean hot weather and cool, cool clothes to suit it, I thought I'd just entitle this post Vans Old Skool and write about what I'm looking forward to...

Well, bein' a sorta aged beach bum type a guy, I like to haul my ass down to the shore and spend some time strolling along the beach. As you do! And what I like most about this beautiful heat is that the babes are out on force with very little to cover their blushes, y'know what I'm sayin'! Ha!

Well, I ain't that old I can't still go out on the razzle and dazzle the ladies, no sir! So what any of this gotta do with Vans Old Skool shoes, you might ask? Well, you may ask away but to tell you tha truth, it don't really fit that well apart from the simple fact that summer weather is cool clothes weather and when you is wearin' cool clothes, you is doubtless wearin a pair of the coolest of the cool shoes on your feet. Which just happen to be Vans Old Skool shoes right at this very moment from my own somewhat disjointed perspective, I'll grant you, but all the same...

So what's with the look you's givin' me? I can hear you mutterin' dirty old man somewhere out there... but it ain't true. I'm just a healthy red blooded male who likes to see beautiful women and the summer brings them out in their droves. And where is they all headin?

The beach, my friends, which is why I like to head on down there too. Just bein' neighborly an'all, you know what I'm sayin! And there ain't no more way to be friendly and cool at the same time than to be sauntering along the beach on a hot sunny day wearing the coolest shoes on this earth and being surrounded by scantily clad gorgeous women. Now admit it guys, you'd do the same in my situation, right? Right! Ladies, the situation for you is totally reversed and you are the ones doing the attracting while you're keeping an eye out for the coolest guys on the beach too. Oh yes you are!

He he, so that's my little piece of May mayhem and madness gotten outta the way so I can get off this thing cooped up inside and haul my hoary old ass down to where there's some life and soul! See you peeps next time when I might even have something vaguely interesting to write about!


Oh yeah, I'll be wearin' my own Vans Old Skool sneakers by the way - there's still plenty o'cool in this old guy yet...

Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Wear Vans Shoes

How to wear Vans Shoes, man this has to be the toughest dilemma of the month! So here at this little old blog, I thought I'd be real helpful to you needy folks who don't know the essentials of how wear Vans shoes.

You just have to 'scuse me while I go off and pee meself laughing for a sec.. Hey hey now I'm done. I can get back to this most serious of serious crucial business here! Well its not every day that this old dude gets to write something in his little old sneakers blog with such obvious artistic and aesthetic value, didn't ya know!

Vans ShoesOk, I know what you're thinking and just go with the flow here. Cause flow I surely am... The coolest way to wear Vans shoes is laced up with jeans coming over the tops of the shoes casual style. You can wear them either with the tongue poking out some or laced in tight, either way is cool and it don't matter none what model, whether half cabs, sk8-hi's, chukkas, authentics or lows or whatever. It pretty much works however the mood takes you cause there's no rules or uniform regulations when it comes to wearing the coolest of the cool shoes.

To emphasize this li'l old piece of literary masterfulness, I posted a descriptively excellent pic here that sorta shows what I mean by what I say. I kinda went a little over the top with the color and stuff in Fireworks but I thought purple on a green deck looked kinda surreal an' all! Hey, what d'ya think? Extremely cool or has the old guy gone completely gaga and he's just waiting for the men in the white coats to come get him an' haul his ass off to the crazy farm... hehe, don't you just love to be able to write whatever mental mush is swirlin' around in you brain and you can still publish it?

Man, that's probably what these fashionable artists do when they create their masterpieces out of old, unmade beds and whatever they had for that midnight snack last night... I can just imagine how it goes: "Hey, quick man phone the Tate, I just created a $4 million masterpiece here and I gotta sell it to some whacked out dude with deep pockets before the pizza starts growing mold on it!"

Haha, don't you just love it. I'd laugh some more except that sorta thing is a little too close to the cold hard truth. And no one likes to hear THAT!

So that's the meat and potatoes of this little old post for today on this veritable font of sneakers knowledge and information! And I believe I did a real good job of refraining from sayin' that you kinda need to wear Vans shoes on your feet...

Laters dudes and dudesses...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rise Against Shoes!

Welcome back one and all to this cool Vans Shoes blog and its even cooler than cool author! Ok, maybe not so cool, but this guy tries his damdest! Anyhow peeps, what have I got in store for you today on the subject of the essential classic Vans shoes?

Well, I chose a title that leads us down the garden path wearin' the groovy sneakers of course, that is somethin' like tongue in cheek in its own sweet way. What I'm sayin' is metaphorically this little old blog has been takin' a pounding in the Google just lately and so peeps ain't findin' me again, so with the power of this here post, I aims to get it back into where is was before, so that it will rise up against all the other shoes blogs like a phoenix outta the ashes of the fire and re-take its rightful place among the top players.

Now did I hear somebody say, "In your dreams old man?"

Hehe, I dreams a lot, so that could be as true as anythin' else around here! Now, folks are probably wonderin' what I got to say about the cool footwear from the skateboard parks and tracks seein' as this is a new post an'all. Well, I hears on the grapevine that you can get all the latest news from the blog on the official Vans Shoes website at so there ain't much point in me reproducin' it all here and then gettin' myself into more trouble with the peeps over there!

So what's happenin' right now is I'm sittin' here typin' this here blog wearin' some cool Vans slip on shoes to keep my tootsies warm instead of freezin' them off down here... Hey, ain't that somethin' Hugh Cornwell sorta sang on the first Strangler's album? Ha! Like you peeps are old enough to remember that! Oh crap, it means I am really that old! Sheesh...

Anyhow, what could be better than sippin' a nice cup of coffee wrapped up in a warm fleece and super comfy slip on shoes keepin' the all-important writer's feet warm and snug? Hell, nothin' that's what! So on that note of irreverence and ramblistical nonsense, I leave you to your day, happily knowin' that I didn't take up too much of yo sweet time by writin' more mediocre rubbish than I usually does! Ha!

See you next time peeps and peepesses!

PS: Update on March 11, it looks as tho thems nice peeps at the big G have recognized my literary genius such as it is and have re-included this little old blog in the index pages where it was before, so all you nice sneaker wearing peeps can find me a little easier. Right on dudes!

Vans Shoes

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vans Skateboard Shoes

Well hello and hello once more peeps, welcome back to this little old blog all about the essential and highly classic Vans shoes! This old sneakers wearin' writer is back for a new year and a new, more ecologically friendly super cool blogging stance, so here I is followin' up on the previous skate oriented post Vans Skate Shoes and Sports, with another cooler than cool look at the real popular skateboard shoe itself!

Now first I have to make a slight apology on behalf of what I did in that last post first up and that's I took some info that I came across from the official Vans shoes blog and wrote it up in here. Sure, I wrote in in my own words, well mostly, but it seems some dude over there took offense to my little old blog and got me in a heap of troubles with the nice folks at the Google engine. So this little old blog spend most of this month back in jail and out of the index, which is why you nice peeps couldn't find little ol' me! Well, I realize my errors pretty swift, an' put that right by taking out mosta the duplicated stuff so I guess that cleared things up and I have noticed this friendly little blogger appearing once again in the pages of the ages!

Ha! I love writin' stuff in here even when it mostly sounds like a tumble of mumbles hehe, but it is all for a very good reason why I's here o'course. And that's to talk about the essential Vans shoes, in fact right now in this post I want to mention the all important skateboard shoes on account of they are the essential footwear of the skateboard totin' fraternity the world over. So what little gems of footwear sneakers do the man from Vans shoes have that would interest my hopefully not unduly confused readers?

Well, I see there's some new kids in the shoe shop in the form of some ecstatically cool Rowley Shambles to add to the collection along with some fresh No Skool 2 shoes and Hosoi SK8-Hi Vert Pro that look extremely extreme I have to say! But what about the old stuff? well, I heard it on a shaky grapevibe that maybe the Rise Against Vans Shoes is no longer to be in the ever growing range of the cool sneakers. I dunno how true that is, but i'tll be a shame to see the disappear from sight. Well, what will be, will be - it is what it is, as they say. Whoever "they" is, anyway!

Now don't say I don't go temptin' you with too much in the way of mouth waterin' classic Vans skateboard shoes and anything that's new in the Vans shoe shop is fair game for me to mention right here in this little old blog. That's cause peeps read this believe it or not and if they like what they read, they's gonna head over and buy thems some cool shoes ain't that the truth? Man, I already gotta go and check theys sneakers out fer my little old self now! Hey, I gone sold it to myself - man, I do that all the time hehe!

So that's that for today's little squawk talk on the crucial footwear for cooler than cool dudes and dudesses and I'll be seein' you all again real soon fo sure!

Van Shoes
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