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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vans Band Shoes

Vans Band Shoes is where I'm at once again! Back in my last entry Rise Against Vans Shoes, I got those cool Rise Against Shoes well and truly discussed with lust! Well, now it time to revisit thems essential band shoes with some updates on what's new and cool.

This little old blog keeps a rollin' on a river just like Tina once sang, 'cept she was playing so cool where these new Vans band shoes are playin' real heavy! I'm gonna sneak some cool snaps that I uh, borrowed and re-hashed some to emphasize the essential Vans Band shoes that are right here right now folks! I hope the main Mans at the Vans don't mind cause it all extra distribution of the visual promotion of these great footwears...

One thing I got asked the other day was how much time does it take to make a Van's Shoe? Well, man that depends on the factory person that sits there doing the makin' I guess, but you can bet you ass it is pretty dam fast, cause time is money to them folks you know!

Any hows, I was talkin' bout the essential Vans Band shoes and all the devilishly cool shoes styles and band designs there in the range of them all. You know, I got to thinkin' hey, would it be great to have some nice pictures of the promo for the droolingly cool Vans Shoes! So I went and found some nice ones for you there below! I reckon if you love the coolness then you'll love the footwear, oh yeah!

Well, exciting stuff is comin' in the form of The Germs Classic Slip-On and The Germs band shoe and here is a small promo snap to go with it! Oh yeah, these are some very cool Vans Germs shoes to impress your friends in the park with. Now how cool will you look as your friends all want a pair of these gorgeous shoes on their feet as well? I can tell you... very cool indeed!

Next up some of my favorite artwork goes into these classic Vans Iron Maiden shoes displaying the Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Vans shoes artwork and they are more cool than cool, they are supercool my friends! There is the Vans Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Classic Slip-On shoe and the mega popular Vans Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Classic Sk8-Hi shoe for all you skateboard enthusiastic peeps.

Now there are other styles in the Iron Maiden shoe range, like the Vans Iron Maiden Killers Classic Slip-On shoe and the Vans Iron Maiden Killers Classic Sk8-Hi shoe again for the skate debate, mate! But I have this cool pic for promoting the Vans Iron Maiden Trooper Classic Slip-On shoe and the Vans Iron Maiden Trooper Classic Sk8-Hi shoe to tempt your feet into askin' your brain to desire them badly, know what I mean, hehe!

But the collection of these essential Vans Band shoes does not end here, oh no not at all. There is more for your eyes to tempt your feet with in the many styles of these highly desirable items of footwear indeed.

Now what about that Vans Johnny Ramone Classic Slip-On shoe that is very now and very wantable? Well, there is here a nice visual space on this page just for that very wearable pair of who's shoes they belong to man. Lastly in the Vans Band shoes range that I want to include right here is the heaviest of them all, the Vans Geoff Rowley Motorhead Edition Vegan shoe. There ain't no picture for this one, so you gonna have to take my word for it they is a cooool pair of shoes for your cool feet!

In all that's where I gotta stop now or I'll be writing too much in one go and you'll be getting bored with my old ramblin' style and want to go someplace else.

Well, you can do that o' course but before you go, check out the eBay displays just in case you might see something that you really want and it sitting there for a stupid low price that you might not see again. Grab it man while you can cause there's some neat bargains I see croppin' up in there all the time.

See you peeps all soon ok!

Vans Shoes
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