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Sneakers and skateboard shoes bearing the name of Vans Shoes are footwear commonly associated with skate parks, skateboarding and the competitors and followers of this exciting sport. However, that doesn't mean these excellent quality sneakers and skateboard shoes should only be worn by a certain group of people. The many women's and men's Vans Shoes slip easily past that boundary and are equally as welcome on the feet of anyone who chooses to wear them! This blog encompasses the good feeling that wearing these great, stylish sneakers brings to people, so if you can handle the author's quirky writing style, off the wall quips and odd turns of phrase, then it will certainly entertain you too!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why Choose Van Shoes?

Why choose Van Shoes over other makes of casual shoes? Well the question "why choose Van Shoes" leads us nicely on from our last post Wear Van Shoes Where?, where I pointed out the origins of Van Shoes from their humble beginnings in the first store that was empty save for three demo pairs of Van Shoes and a shop full of racks that only had empty boxes in them!

Why Choose Van Shoes?

So now let's come up to date by posing the question, "Why Choose Van Shoes" and looking for the straight answer. Not the answer you'd expect to find on a site that sold them and were simply giving you a sales pitch, because that would just lead you to think that you were being asked Why Choose Van Shoes just so they can give you your reason and make you believe you thought of it. So here, I'm not going to tell you why choose Van Shoes at all, I'm going to let you decide that for yourself but just give you some reasons other people might why choose Van Shoes over other brands.

Well, the reason you'd why choose Van Shoes is probably down to personal choice as being the most important factor of why choose Van Shoes. Personal choice is really the main reason you do anything, although many people are easily influenced by advertisers and their clever tactics.

Like you could be shown a really great picture of one of the Van Shoes range and it might be enhanced to make the van shoe look better than it is in real life. Just like the fast food chains like McDonalds show you a picture of a Big Mac that looks really BIG and juicy and packed full of great stuff so you really want to go eat one right now, but when you go to your local McDonalds the burger you get is flat and limp and greasy and tasteless apart from all the mustard and shite they put on it so you feel ripped off except you never say anything. Right?

Same deal goes for why choose Van Shoes or any other brand say Nike or Reebok or Addidas they all look really great in the picture and they make you reaally want to go buy a pair right now. But when you get to the store and try them on they are clean and smell fresh and you don't see the price tag until its too late. You're hooked and you've tried them on and you want them so bad you'll pay the price cause you can't face walking out of that store empty handed. Right?

So why choose Van Shoes its got nothing to do with price or quality or materials, its how well the advertiser made you want that pair of Van Shoes more than you want a pair of Nikes or whatever.

Why choose Van Shoes?

Because the advertisers tell you they're the cool shoes to have and all your friends are wearing them and you don't want to be the odd one out. That's why choose Van Shoes!

Van Shoes

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wear Van Shoes Where?

Following on from my last post about wear Van Shoes, Van Shoes New In Shop, (excluding the Christmas message of course) I'll take a break from displaying individual Van Shoes models and just divert you attention to a new section I just added to this Van Shoes blog:

About Vans Shoes

It's a little snippet of the history of Van Shoes and how the company came about. What's interesting is that teh creators of Van shoes actually opened their first store with no actual stock inside - that's right, not a single Van Shoes to be seen on any of the racks. Just empty boxes!

Wear Van Shoes, Where?

Can you imagine people walking into the store wanting to wear Van Shoes, Where are they? they'd ask! They'd be spending a few minutes looking around before they realized they were looking at nothing but empty boxes! Ha, not a Vans Shoe in sight, just empty boxes all neatly stacked up on the racks full not of Van Shoes, but fresh air!

Wear Van Shoes? Where? I wonder how they explained THAT away!

Van Shoes have come a long way from those humble beginnings in an empty store with just a couple of samples and nothing else for their customers. Of course nowadays you can get many different versions of the popular Van Shoes in different ranges, colours sizes etc. And the distribution is worldwide, with even Amazon selling them online!

So if you were in any doubt as to the popualrity of Van Shoes, you won't be any more after you read this.

Van Shoes

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Everbody

Here's wishing everyone who's ever wanted a pair of Van shoes a really happy, cash rich Christmas and a very prosperous New Year from Van Shoes!


Van Shoes

Van Shoes New In Shop

Now following on from our last post here at Van Shoes which was entitled: Van Shoes Custom Shoes, where we showed you a selection of the brilliant Van Shoes Custom Shoes range, here at the Van Shoes blog we'd like to take a look at what's new on the Van Shoes official website page especially for men in the way of the latest designs that you'll find in Vans Shoes:

Van Shoes New In Shop

Geoff Rowley Shambles

AV Skate Low


That's what's new in the shop showing at the Vans Shoes official site. We've only shown you three models as it would be unfair to steal the thunder of the Van Shoes official website as they have the full range of Van Shoes of course just waiting for you to feast your eyes on what's available right now at Van Shoes.

Whatever your preference, there is something in the Van Shoes range that you will just love on your feet! Just what you like to walk in on down the street with a really nice pair of Van Shoes showing off the way you are and the way you like to live.

So check them out and see what you want from Van Shoes.

Note: We removed the images from the official Van Shoes website as we explained in an earlier post, this blog was taken off the Google index for some reason and we suspect someone might have been upset at the free advertising, so in all fairness, we won't publish any more pics from there and we won't also be linking to that or anyone else's sites either. Unless we are asked nicely!

Van Shoes

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Van Shoes Custom Shoes

Here at Van Shoes, we'll follow on from our last post entitled: Vans Shoes Limited Edition, where we outlined the Vans Shoes Limited Edition range, today we'll take a look at the Custom Shoes range on Vans Shoes.

We wanted to take images direct from the official Vans Shoes website as we hope they won't mind the additional free exposure of their van shoes ranges, but just recently we got taken off the Google index and I can only assume someone didn't like us doin' that, so the images and the links have been removed.

Custom Slip-on

Custom Old Skool

That's all we can find for the items in this Vans Shoes range at the van shoes website at the present. Having said that, if you go to the Vans Shoes official website for yourself and look for yourself, you'll see that there are several different colour options for each of the van shoes in that range. We just thought it'd be nice to show you the pictures here to give you a good idea what they look like before you decide you'd like to have a closer look at Vans Shoes.

In future posts we'll be bringing you more information about the benefits of purchasing a pair of Vans Shoes for yourself as we think they are just great! Are we biased? You bet!

Van Shoes

Friday, December 21, 2007

Vans Shoes Limited Edition

Limited Edition Vans Shoes is what this little old Vans limited edition shoes post is all about hehe. Following on from that last little old previous post entitled: Vans Shoes Band Shoes, where I got to outlining the crucial Vans Shoes Band Shoes range, Now I'm gonna take a look at the Limited Edition range on this little old Vans Shoes blog.

Classic Slip-on in Leather

Classic Slip-on 58

Classic Slip-on Youth Limited Edition

Shearling Slip-on LX

Classic Slip-on Toddler Limited Edition

Iron Maiden Slip-on

Iron Maiden Sk8-Hi

Sk8-Hi in Leather

Note: I removed the photos just in case someone gets tetchy about the free advertising - just can't please everyone!

That gives you a taster of what is available in this very cool and totally hip range of the coolest of the cool footwaer. It's far from the whole essential limited edition range but it shows you with pictures what you can expect from Vans Shoes.

Now thinking what you want to wear in the essential sneakers ranges that are so many, you could reassure yourself with some real classy Geoff Rowley Classic Vegan Vans Shoes that I hear are the real deal. Man, when the man Van Doren shoe'd his way to his first ship all them years ago, he maybe never imagined so many different kind of great footwear in his many ranges. With all those great band shoes California, Geoff Rowley Motorhead Edition Vegan Vans shoes, Vans Rise Against shoes, Vans skate shoes and all them others, man I bet he's laughing to hisself right now someplace.

There be a whole lot more for us to show you about the crucial Vans Shoes in future posts, so keep one eye open for what's coming up very soon in our Vans Shoes appraisals and stuff.

But for now, I'll leave you with this essentially cool thought, just to brighten your day and get you in the mood for some happy times. Today is a great day just like every day is a great day, if you is alive and well enough to enjoy it, then you should be grateful that you are. Then you go right on ahead and enjoy it peeps!

Van Shoes

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vans Shoes Band Shoes

Vans Band Shoes is what we're talking about right here in this edition of this little old Vans Shoes blog of mine. Following the last post which were entitled: Vans Shoes, and now maybe it was a little like the first post but I added the "s" just to show you that we know what we're talking about Vans Shoes here and not like some Eastern European who knows some of the words but not the feel and trying to sound interesting and informed but making baaad English statements that no one would say in a million years! Unlike yours truly here you know what I'm saying here hehehe!

So now lets look at the next range that caught my eye on the Vans Shoes site and that's Band Shoes. Well there's some crucially nice Vans Band slip on shoes in there you might notice but to give you more tha lo down on what we got, check this:

Here the list of Vans Shoes in this range: "Circle Jerks Slip-on"; "Circle Jerks Old Skools"; "Dropkick Murphys Slip-on"; "Iron Maiden Slip-on"; "Iron Maiden Sk8-Hi"; "Geoff Rowley Motorhead Edition"; "Geoff Rowley Squares Motorhead Edition"; "Rise Against Old Skool Vegan Friendly".

Yep, man theres are even vegan friendly Vans Shoes in this range!

Which is very cool seeing as many rivals in this old shoe maker business don't even think about the special needs of them vegans when it comes to foot ware. But of course whereas Vans Shoes most certainly do.

So what about these Vans Band shoes that I'm talkin about here. Well for a start if you like the heavy metal monsters there's some coolest of the cool shoes here that are designed with the Vans Shoes Motorhead fans in mind! Motorhead sure rock the block man and these Motorhead Vans shoes are essential footwear for the metal heads out there! Geoff Rowley Motorhead edition vegan shoes are also a very special style of feet wear for special people. Vans shoes band store has plenty of the great ones in they designs like Vans Iron Maiden shoes too and don't forget the essential Dropkick Murphys Vans shoes!

So that it for this old post. With more coming real soon so keep your eyes well peeled for more of them great posts here that is all about the excellent Vans Shoes.

Van Shoes

Vans Shoes

The special Vans Shoes is the topic and following on from my first ever post right here in this little old blog that got started back then entitled: Van Shoes, it's time to give you a write-up about what exactly are Vans Shoes Of course you might be wonderin' why I call this little blog "Van Shoes" without the "s" as they're also albeit incorrectly known as.

Yep, you might have noticed that funny thing the name of this blog is actually Van Shoes, but you know that's only cause more people are searchin' on the exact term Van Shoes in the Google machine than they does for the special Vans Shoes, so I wanted this little old blog here to get noticed by more people! Well, that's the reason, my friend! I said I was gonna tell ya, and I told ya!

Well lets start talking in here about the important stuff to do with with the range of the Vans Shoes and what they got.

Well first up what I want to talk about right here is vegan shoes. Vegan Shoes are exactly what they say they are - vegan friendly vans shoes. That's without animal products in the manufacture for all those of you what don't know what that's about. So the vegan van shoes range is surprisingly extensive you know with some great names such like "Old Skool" and "Rise Against Old Skool" which I think is pretty cool, specially if you still at school and all!

Then there's "Geoff Rowley Squares" and "Geoff Rowley XL3 for Men" and "Geoff Rowley XL3 for Boys" and "Geoff Rowley Classic for Men" and "Geoff Rowley Classic for Boys" man, that's a lot of Geoff Rowley classic vegan, men must like his name on their shoes in the names there and oh yeah for you heavy metal fans out there who must be seen with the essential heavy metal stuff theres Vans Shoes Motorhead designed styles like the "Geoff Rowley Motorhead Edition" and "Geoff Rowley Squares Motorhead Edition". Now That's a pretty cool range of limited edition vans shoes especially that Vans Rowley Motorhead... Man, Vans shoes Motorhead headbangers - can you believe that for a vegan shoe? How ultra cool is that!

These are all the very special limited edition Vans Shoes all being a part in the very special vegan range that are turning to be ultra-popular-a-rama oh yeah!

So that's a good start - there are more ranges of Vans Shoes to choose from, such as the limited edition vans shoes that I didn't mention right here in this little old post here, not to mention a whole host of other different types, styles and designs. And in later posts I'll be telling you just what they are too!

Then I be going into much more details about the many different ranges of Vans Shoes that you can be wearing on your feet and what their strengths and weaknesses are, cause I like the sound of that, oh yeah.

Stay Tuned...

Van Shoes

Van Shoes

Welcome to Van Shoes, the blog that is all about, well, Vans Shoes!

So what will your humble old host be talking about in this little old blog all about the essential Van Shoes? I'll give you one guess... yep you got it in one... Vans Shoes!

I'm sure there be a ton of questions that you might wanna ask about the Van Shoes. Like where to get your hands on them online, what the best prices, what the quality like, how long do them last and are there those fake Van Shoes out there that peeps might get scammed with. Man, such is a load of them questions!

Well, its up to little old blogs like this humble Vans Shoes blog to find out those tellin' answers. Then they gotta bring them to peeps in as much detail as is humanly possible. That's so you don't go and make a real bad mistake that you might end up with a pair of nice Van Shoes that are them nasty fake Van shoes. Or even if they're the real deal, you maybe get ripped off on the price when you pay online. Or on the other hand you might net yourself a really cool bargain just by checking out some of the online stores.

Whatever you might be lookin' for in the many ranges of the special Vans Shoes, maybe like classic vans shoes, or the vans limited edition range, or maybe you bypass the animal thing and want some of them cool vegan shoes crucial to the Vans Shoes like for instance them cool Geoff Rowley xl3 vegan shoes. Maybe you likes the heavy metal and wanna go for them extreme vans band shoes like Iron Maiden or Geoff Rowley Motorhead edition vegan shoes and the like. Man them Vans Motorhead shoes are real cool!

You never know what you'll get, so any guidance has to be a good thing, right?

So keep an eye on this place, because Van Shoes is what we'll be talking about because Vans Shoes is what you're here to read about.

Van Shoes

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If you don't see what you want, just scroll down and display some more items. If you still don't see anything that catches your eye, then you can use the search box to laser target exactly what you want to see by putting in the style or design name or the whole thing and see what you get. Remember, these eBay listings are in real time, so what you see here is what is live at eBay and on sale right now with live updates of the price that's bid. So bid yourself a cool pair of these essential cool dude and dudess shoes for economic crisis bustin' prices!

Okay peeps, I put up some cool shoes on sale at eBay cause they're the most trusted auction house online and they also have some pretty darn good deals right now. If you see some of the coolest shoes you want, click the little box and you can go visit the main page where you get all the info on how to buy them. If you don't see what you like, click on any little box to go to ebay and have a quick browse through what the have, cause they're getting new stuff all the time and man, I can't keep up with what they have, so the day you go to their store, they might have something extra cool that they didn't have yesterday!