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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why Choose Van Shoes?

Why choose Van Shoes over other makes of casual shoes? Well the question "why choose Van Shoes" leads us nicely on from our last post Wear Van Shoes Where?, where I pointed out the origins of Van Shoes from their humble beginnings in the first store that was empty save for three demo pairs of Van Shoes and a shop full of racks that only had empty boxes in them!

Why Choose Van Shoes?

So now let's come up to date by posing the question, "Why Choose Van Shoes" and looking for the straight answer. Not the answer you'd expect to find on a site that sold them and were simply giving you a sales pitch, because that would just lead you to think that you were being asked Why Choose Van Shoes just so they can give you your reason and make you believe you thought of it. So here, I'm not going to tell you why choose Van Shoes at all, I'm going to let you decide that for yourself but just give you some reasons other people might why choose Van Shoes over other brands.

Well, the reason you'd why choose Van Shoes is probably down to personal choice as being the most important factor of why choose Van Shoes. Personal choice is really the main reason you do anything, although many people are easily influenced by advertisers and their clever tactics.

Like you could be shown a really great picture of one of the Van Shoes range and it might be enhanced to make the van shoe look better than it is in real life. Just like the fast food chains like McDonalds show you a picture of a Big Mac that looks really BIG and juicy and packed full of great stuff so you really want to go eat one right now, but when you go to your local McDonalds the burger you get is flat and limp and greasy and tasteless apart from all the mustard and shite they put on it so you feel ripped off except you never say anything. Right?

Same deal goes for why choose Van Shoes or any other brand say Nike or Reebok or Addidas they all look really great in the picture and they make you reaally want to go buy a pair right now. But when you get to the store and try them on they are clean and smell fresh and you don't see the price tag until its too late. You're hooked and you've tried them on and you want them so bad you'll pay the price cause you can't face walking out of that store empty handed. Right?

So why choose Van Shoes its got nothing to do with price or quality or materials, its how well the advertiser made you want that pair of Van Shoes more than you want a pair of Nikes or whatever.

Why choose Van Shoes?

Because the advertisers tell you they're the cool shoes to have and all your friends are wearing them and you don't want to be the odd one out. That's why choose Van Shoes!

Van Shoes

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