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Sneakers and skateboard shoes bearing the name of Vans Shoes are footwear commonly associated with skate parks, skateboarding and the competitors and followers of this exciting sport. However, that doesn't mean these excellent quality sneakers and skateboard shoes should only be worn by a certain group of people. The many women's and men's Vans Shoes slip easily past that boundary and are equally as welcome on the feet of anyone who chooses to wear them! This blog encompasses the good feeling that wearing these great, stylish sneakers brings to people, so if you can handle the author's quirky writing style, off the wall quips and odd turns of phrase, then it will certainly entertain you too!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to Tell if Your Vans Shoes Are Fake

I get asked by peeps every now and then how to tell if your vans shoes are fake. Well now, after my last post where I talk the talk about them Vans Slip On Shoes, I gonna let you into the secret of what some of them telltale signs you can watch out for. Then you can see if them Vans Shoes you got are fake or the real deal, know what I'm sayin' here.

Well for starters, the peeps in the know say that the genuine Vans Shoes will bend at the toe, whereas them nasty cheap replica Vans knock offs are stiff and unbending shoes, on account of them using the cheapest of the cheap materials in the making and manufacturing of them.

Check the essential cool shoes you gonna buy have the Vans Shoes symbol on the back of the shoe, cause a lot of the time those cheap fake Vans shoes miss them off. Yeah, it sometimes be the most obvious that be missed by the most!

You know yourself how much you pay for your nice shoes and them classic Vans shoes cost around $40 a pair or thereabouts, so if you get them and they only cost you half that or less, you can probably say you been fitted up with some fake sneakers. Or the other alternative excuse here is they the real deal but been stolen and they is hot, hot sneakers, man!

Lot of peeps say it depend where you buy them. If you get them at the Vans store, hell they gonna be the real deal my friend ain't no doubt about that! Also you get them at Hot Topic they be real. Other stores, if they is expensive, they is probably real, but if they is cheap, they is probably fake.

Also if you buy them on a street market or flea market or out of some dude's trunk of his car for a cheap few dollars an' you even have to ask the question are these Vans shoes fake? Then you probably too dumb to know the difference anyways! Hehe, my little joke there...

Other things you can check out is the quality of the finished item. Look at any stitching and see if its good cause if stitch lines are not straight or go all over the place, they been done by some sweat shop in China or someplace. Likewise look at how the shoe is put together, cause real Vans shoes are made well, but them fake shoes is lookin' cheap and you can usually spot that just by looking at them.

Most of all when you shoppin' for the essential classic Vans shoes and you want the real deal and not some bad nasty fake things then you mostly need to employ the services of you own common sense, know what I mean, cause you usually can spot the obvious from the truth if you put you brains to work ever now an again, man!

Hey, now was that not one of my most worthwhile posts in this little old blog here or what? Hell, I usually write so much waffle you probably think this old feller is on he way to the old crazy farm or somethin' but I tell you, there is plenty of mileage in this old feller yet, I'm tellin' ya!

Now that's all for this post, so I'll be seein' yo again real soon peeps, take care now!

Van Shoes

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vans Slip On Shoes

Vans Slip On shoes are incredibly popular with just about everybody these days, so with Vans slip ons very much in mind, I'm gonna follow my previous little old blog entry that was all about them Vans Band Shoes, with somethin' nice and well, slip on shoes Vans style!

You see to my way of thinkin' and let's not get too wrapped up in that cool concept for too long here, you know what I'm sayin', is that when you want to go for some cool comfort on your feet, it makes sense to get some vans slip on shoes and reward yourself. I'm chillin' and my way of thinkin' is pretty even in the temperament department right now, so why not have some real comfortable Vans slip ons comforting my feet right now is what I'm sayin' to you.

These cool shoes come in plenty of stylish designs for your feet so you never gonna get tired of them classic Vans slip on shoes no matter what else happens! There is even some of them favorite band Van slip-ons styles around now you know for all you music lovers who are into bands on your shoes! We all know how important to have the essential coolest of the cool footwear on our feet. Man, they don't come no more essentially cool than the coolest Vans slip on shoes that are right where they're at man! Now that's a pretty nice statement comin' from this little old bloggin' feller. He likes them Vans shoes slip ons a lot and I do mean a lot, oh yessir!

Now where we be at right now is anybody's guess cause I keep losing track of where I'm at so how the hell can anyone follow my warped train of thought is what I'm thinking right now with my cooler than cool Vans slip on shoes keeping my feet comfy and warm. Yup, you got that right if you figure the man here is still not one hundred percent in the here and now on account of a little overindulgence in some of that nice bourbon I have stashed away for them certain evenings of there and then! Well, ok I give up and hold my hands up, metaforically speakin' o' course as they're really on the keypad of this computer thing writing these jumbled words right here and right now. Hehe, who said life had to be serious?

I'm just writing some stuff about how nice I like these uber cool classic Vans slip on shoes on my feet keeping my tootsies warm and comfortable is what I'm doing. Hey dudes, if you still reading all this stuff I'm regurgitatin' , man you must be as hungover as I am!

Hell, here's another thought you might be thinkin': Where'd the nice pictures go, you know these great images that I started puttin' up in here last time I posted?

Ok, that just way too much complications for my poor head to get itself round right now as I think about my slip on shoes Vans. So its just these carefully crafted words that I gift you you even if you ain't got down to reading' this far. Cause when I read this back to myself, I'm probably gonna think some other lunatic wrote it. And he probably ain't wearing none of them essential cool uber cool classic Vans Slip On shoes on his damn feet is what I'm tryin' to say here! Hell, time to sign off and get me some strong coffee...

Until next time, when I'll be some more in the here and now with my brains sometime less frazzled than they is right now on account of that dam burbon and not nothin' else I may hasten to add by the way. And I won't let the Vans shoes slip my mind,even if it might slip yours!

Catch you all later my friends!

Van Shoes
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