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Friday, May 15, 2009

Vans Old Skool Shoes

Hey there peeps, good to be back in the writing seat for another post here in this little old Vans Shoes blog of mine. I'm pretty busy these days what with summer a comin' and such. So with the advent of that mean hot weather and cool, cool clothes to suit it, I thought I'd just entitle this post Vans Old Skool and write about what I'm looking forward to...

Well, bein' a sorta aged beach bum type a guy, I like to haul my ass down to the shore and spend some time strolling along the beach. As you do! And what I like most about this beautiful heat is that the babes are out on force with very little to cover their blushes, y'know what I'm sayin'! Ha!

Well, I ain't that old I can't still go out on the razzle and dazzle the ladies, no sir! So what any of this gotta do with Vans Old Skool shoes, you might ask? Well, you may ask away but to tell you tha truth, it don't really fit that well apart from the simple fact that summer weather is cool clothes weather and when you is wearin' cool clothes, you is doubtless wearin a pair of the coolest of the cool shoes on your feet. Which just happen to be Vans Old Skool shoes right at this very moment from my own somewhat disjointed perspective, I'll grant you, but all the same...

So what's with the look you's givin' me? I can hear you mutterin' dirty old man somewhere out there... but it ain't true. I'm just a healthy red blooded male who likes to see beautiful women and the summer brings them out in their droves. And where is they all headin?

The beach, my friends, which is why I like to head on down there too. Just bein' neighborly an'all, you know what I'm sayin! And there ain't no more way to be friendly and cool at the same time than to be sauntering along the beach on a hot sunny day wearing the coolest shoes on this earth and being surrounded by scantily clad gorgeous women. Now admit it guys, you'd do the same in my situation, right? Right! Ladies, the situation for you is totally reversed and you are the ones doing the attracting while you're keeping an eye out for the coolest guys on the beach too. Oh yes you are!

He he, so that's my little piece of May mayhem and madness gotten outta the way so I can get off this thing cooped up inside and haul my hoary old ass down to where there's some life and soul! See you peeps next time when I might even have something vaguely interesting to write about!


Oh yeah, I'll be wearin' my own Vans Old Skool sneakers by the way - there's still plenty o'cool in this old guy yet...
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