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Sneakers and skateboard shoes bearing the name of Vans Shoes are footwear commonly associated with skate parks, skateboarding and the competitors and followers of this exciting sport. However, that doesn't mean these excellent quality sneakers and skateboard shoes should only be worn by a certain group of people. The many women's and men's Vans Shoes slip easily past that boundary and are equally as welcome on the feet of anyone who chooses to wear them! This blog encompasses the good feeling that wearing these great, stylish sneakers brings to people, so if you can handle the author's quirky writing style, off the wall quips and odd turns of phrase, then it will certainly entertain you too!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rise Against Shoes!

Welcome back one and all to this cool Vans Shoes blog and its even cooler than cool author! Ok, maybe not so cool, but this guy tries his damdest! Anyhow peeps, what have I got in store for you today on the subject of the essential classic Vans shoes?

Well, I chose a title that leads us down the garden path wearin' the groovy sneakers of course, that is somethin' like tongue in cheek in its own sweet way. What I'm sayin' is metaphorically this little old blog has been takin' a pounding in the Google just lately and so peeps ain't findin' me again, so with the power of this here post, I aims to get it back into where is was before, so that it will rise up against all the other shoes blogs like a phoenix outta the ashes of the fire and re-take its rightful place among the top players.

Now did I hear somebody say, "In your dreams old man?"

Hehe, I dreams a lot, so that could be as true as anythin' else around here! Now, folks are probably wonderin' what I got to say about the cool footwear from the skateboard parks and tracks seein' as this is a new post an'all. Well, I hears on the grapevine that you can get all the latest news from the blog on the official Vans Shoes website at so there ain't much point in me reproducin' it all here and then gettin' myself into more trouble with the peeps over there!

So what's happenin' right now is I'm sittin' here typin' this here blog wearin' some cool Vans slip on shoes to keep my tootsies warm instead of freezin' them off down here... Hey, ain't that somethin' Hugh Cornwell sorta sang on the first Strangler's album? Ha! Like you peeps are old enough to remember that! Oh crap, it means I am really that old! Sheesh...

Anyhow, what could be better than sippin' a nice cup of coffee wrapped up in a warm fleece and super comfy slip on shoes keepin' the all-important writer's feet warm and snug? Hell, nothin' that's what! So on that note of irreverence and ramblistical nonsense, I leave you to your day, happily knowin' that I didn't take up too much of yo sweet time by writin' more mediocre rubbish than I usually does! Ha!

See you next time peeps and peepesses!

PS: Update on March 11, it looks as tho thems nice peeps at the big G have recognized my literary genius such as it is and have re-included this little old blog in the index pages where it was before, so all you nice sneaker wearing peeps can find me a little easier. Right on dudes!

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